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Ilha do Mel

Of its 2,700 ha, only 200 are allowed to use - the rest is ecological reserve (listed by Heritage in 1975, is administered by the Environmental Institute of Paraná since 1982). The tourist has hotels and small restaurants. The island has five villages: Fortaleza, Brasilia or New Brasilia, Lighthouse, Grand Beach and Charmed. There are no streets or roads, only trails. The deployment of electric power generators, in 1988, initiated attitudes that evolved into today's concern for the preservation of the island and its main attraction: nature.

Origin of name
There are several versions about the origin of the name "Honey Island":

Before the Second World War the island was known as the island of Admiral Mehl who dedicated himself to beekeeping and whose family attended there.
Retired sailors lived on the island and were dedicated to beekeeping, producing an amount such that reached export the product to 60.
Fresh water existing on the island contain mercury. Contact with salt water that causes a yellow color similar to the color of honeycombs.
The Carijós Indians who lived in the area much appreciated honey bees, then bee farm is old.
The island would buy groceries warehouse to vessels, including flour (mehl in German).
Geographical data
It lies 15 miles from Paranaguá.

Area of ​​27.62 km ²;
Area beaches: 55.05 ha;
Ecological Station Area: 2240.69 ha;
Maximum altitude: 151 m

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